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Static Caravan Gas Tank Covers Improve Safety.

Buying a static caravan on a UK holiday park is now more popular than ever with people in the UK taking more ’eco friendly’ UK short breaks. When using such holiday homes safety is of paramount........ Read More


Today, the caravan is a travel trailer or RV as known in the United States. The caravan is usually pulled behind a vehicle and is completely self sustaining. The modern caravan has working plumbing,........ Read More

Static Caravans And Ownership.

October saw the final results from the annual static caravan ownership survey. This annual survey targets feedback from new static caravan owners who have purchased a holiday home on a UK holiday p........ Read More

Caravan Holidays – Travel And Freedom

If you like to travel but you like even more the feeling of freedom, the solution is obvious: a caravan. Long ago travelling by caravan meant giving up your comfort, nowadays this is not an issue. The........ Read More

Caravans Getting More Popular

After caravans made history centuries ago, became associated with the hippy lifestyle. Nowadays the caravan is having a surprising recovery. Knights used the caravans in Crusades and the people who a........ Read More

Tips For Getting An Awning For Your Caravan

There are many reasons why people seem to prefer going on tour with their caravans and with campers. Maybe because the experience is unique, or maybe because it is a great way of seeing all the beauty........ Read More

Static Caravan Insurance

If you are an owner of a static caravan holiday homes you should consider insurance to cover the caravan as well as the contents. There are two levels of insurance for your static caravan; the static ........ Read More

Caravans For Your Holiday Vacation

What used to be defined as a group of travelers traveling together has now changed. This also used to mean group of merchants traveling on camels or on horses and going to different locations to trade........ Read More

Terms Of Static Caravan Ownership.

Both The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) and the National Caravan Council (NCC) have recently agreed with the government run Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to offer fairer terms and co........ Read More

Renting Your Static Caravan

It is common for static caravan owners to rent out their static caravan to generate additional income. The level of additional income will depend on the numbers of weeks per year for which the caravan........ Read More

Choosing A Static Caravan

When choosing a static caravan you will probably look for the holiday park which meets your requirements and then move onto the caravan. Selecting the right holiday park is vital to ensure a long term........ Read More

Caravan Accessories

Many people enjoy caravan holidays, either with touring caravans or on static sites. This type of vacation brings freedom and fun but there is no need to go without creature comforts. Modern caravan........ Read More


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